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Image measuring instrument is a collection of light, machine, electricity, computer image technology in one of the new high-precision, high-tech measuring instruments, widely used in industrial measurement field, replace the manual measurement operation, improve production efficiency.

1, high-precision marble or casting table base and beam column, to ensure the stability of the overall system equipment.

2. Multi-axis precision linear guide, ball screw withservo motor, drive x, y and z direction motion.

3, high-pixel CCD or CMOS industrial camera is responsible for image photoelectric signal conversion.

ZOOM or telecentric andcamera form an optical digital imaging system.

5, program control of a variety of light sources, such as ring lights, coaxial light, contour light for the image acquisition system to provide the best imaging results.

6. High precision grating scaleensures that the motion and measurement precision can reach the nanoscale.

7, PC integration of the most advanced digital image processing algorithms, fast and accurate to give the measurement results.

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